Igloo Software – Overview – Pricing – Features

Igloo Software – Overview – Pricing – Features

What is Igloo Software?

Igloo Software is a system launched in 2004, and offers a web-based intranet solution that

has helped thousands of workgroups collaborate and manage their projects and

workflows as well as personnel and other resources.

Igloo Software

Igloo Software – Overview – Pricing – Features

Built for the modern intranet users, Igloo Software can open up communication

channels and improve collaboration capabilities that just can’t be done with older,

more contained systems, which were not capable of accessing resources and sharing data.

Overview of Igloo Software Benefits :-

Igloo Software offers users with a powerful and complete digital workplace in the cloud,

fitting businesses with toolkits that work well with their existing workflows.

Fast, simple, and secure, Igloo Software is available anytime and

anywhere on any mobile device with internet capabilities.

With Igloo software, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Post documents in your team space and quickly notify other

team members for fast and easy discussion and collaboration.

Enhance existing toolkits for improved productivity and work output.

Centralized document management including comments, revisions, and approvals.

Simple to implement and guaranteed to bring productivity up

without increasing and prolonging the learning curve.

Like most business collaboration software, we offer a wide range of intranet features

like file sharing, social newsfeeds, tasks, team calendars, blogs and wikis.

However, what truly sets us apart is our impressive customizability.

Not only can you completely transform your Igloo to look like your company

but reorganizing a department space to account for the normal evolution of any

corporate business is as easy as drag-and-drop and

won’t require you to expand your current IT investment.

IDC ranked Igloo #1 in customer experience for a reason.

Customizability also means integrations. Igloo works hand-in-hand with your current

IT investments and won’t require you to suddenly change all of your processes to

adjust to your new collaboration platform.

We all struggle with productivity.

We are constantly pressured to accomplish more, and to do it quicker.

There is no one definitive way to accomplish that, and we have

Igloo Software – Overview – Pricing – Features

all devised our own little method to make things work.

At Igloo, we think your way is the best way, we just want to support you,

and make your way better. Integrating Active Directory, Sharepoint or Salesforce with Igloo

means your employees will only need to go to one place to find the information they are looking for.

Finally, Igloo is a mobile intranet, which means your intranet

will work on any device right from the start.

Sharing files, coordinating calendars, providing status updates,

and managing projects and almost everything your employees can

do on your desktop, they can do on their phone.

Igloo is a modern intranet, designed to adapt to the demand of the 2015 office worker.

What Problems Will Igloo Software Solve?

  • Working in silos

Have you ever invested several hours into a project to find out halfway through

someone in a different department or office already worked on it?

Do different departments have wildly different and conflicting processes

which only result in lost time and resources?

Without a strong culture centered around collaboration and the right solution,

it can be hard to get hundreds, when not thousands, of

employees in multiple locations to work together.

Having one space where every employee can to go to learn about processes,

policies, find the right documents or communicate with coworkers helps

Igloo Software – Overview – Pricing – Features

alleviate some of the issues that every large company will one day face.

  • Employees do not know where the executive team is driving the company

Once you grow past a certain size or have multiple locations,

it becomes hard for the executive team to share their vision for the company.

Before you know it, the culture and values of the company get diluted or disappear.

To keep employees engaged, it is really important for the leadership to communicate

frequently with the rest of the company.

Having a platform where all the employees can receive information from the top but

also respond, comment, discuss, and vote on important issues

is crucial to foster a strong sense of belonging.

  • Confidential data is disseminated on many unsecured file sharing solutions

Let’ss face it, employees will always need to collaborate on documents and if they are not

provided with user-friendly tools to share documents,

they will resort to bringing their own apps to do so.

You will end up with a finance department working on Google Drive,

a sales team on Box and Operations refusing to use anything but Dropbox.

Confidential info is disseminated and lives in people’s inbox and on outside platforms.

By simply offering a user-friendly, easy to use intranet with file-sharing capabilities

(or that can integrate with some of the file-sharing tools you are already using),

you can ensure that all of the important information is

Igloo Software Position In Our Categories :-

securely stored in one repository.

Every company has different requirements and needs a software that can be

customized for their size, type of employees and customers,

and the particular industry they are in.

For these reasons, no software can proffer perfect tools off-the-shelf.

When you search a software app, first be sure what you want it for.

Read some Igloo Software reviews and ask yourself do you want basic

functionality or do you need advanced features?

Are there any industry-specific features that you are looking for?

Get the answers to these queries to help your search.

There are plenty of factors that you need to mull over and these include your budget,

particular business wants, your organization size, integration requirements etc.

Igloo Software – Overview – Pricing – Features

Take your time, try out a few free trials, and finally select the app that presents all that

you require to improve your organization effectiveness and productivity.

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